Tips on Saving On Energy Bills This Winter

Winter is closely approaching and this means more energy cost in terms of heating energy. Well, natural gas are normally cheaper than electric when it comes to consuming heat. It will cost you more if you have a stove or gas heater that are electric powered.

Anyways, below are some of the energy saving tips that you can use this coming winter:

  • Unholster the caulk gun and make ready the weather-stripping
  • Swap out a few light bulbs using energy efficient bulbs
  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Hire an energy auditor

Tax Credits Offered For Energy Efficient Purchases

  • Windows, skylights and storm doors. Recoup 10 percent of the cost of materials, up to $200 for all qualifying windows, skylights and storm windows.
  • Roofing. Install an Energy Star-certified metal roof and get back 10 percent of the cost, up to $500.
  • Insulation. Material must meet the 2004 International Energy Conservation Code. If it does, you can get back 10 percent of the cost, up to $500.
  • Water heaters. Certain high-efficiency models qualify for a $300 credit.
  • Solar power. Install a photovoltaic system to power your home and get 30 percent of the cost back, up to $2,000.
  • Heating and cooling systems. Qualified air-conditioning and heating units provide up to a $300 credit.

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  2. In winters homeowners can simply save energy by improving their home’s comfort level and adopting energy-efficient building constructions. The most cost consuming element in winter is roofing. In winter roof commonly shrinks or cracks and the most common problem affecting cold weather roofing is ice blocks that is why most of the times we need roof repairs in winters. But by doing proper maintenance and construction the problem of shrinkage can be easily avoided.

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