How to Receive a $25 Cash Card For Free from Costco and American Express

My wife and I love shopping at Costco. Currently, we have an Executive Membership that allows us to get a 2% rebate on all our purchase. Although the membership cost us $100 annually, the rebates and other savings that we get pretty much pays for the membership.

At one point in time, we received a $135 rebate check! Also, we signed up for the True Earnings Card that provides additional rebates on all our purchases. The advantage of carrying the True Earnings Card is that it acts as both a Costco and American Express card so you don’t have to carry two cards with you when you’re shopping at Costco. I’ve been using the card for quite some time and have received decent rebates on the True Earnings card as well.

Good news for Costco members: For a limited time, American Express is offering $25 Costco Cash Card if you open a True Earnings Card. Just to give you some quick facts, here are the benefits that I’ve enjoyed from the card:

  • Receive a $25 Costco Cash Card after your first purchase
  • Earn 3% Cash Back for eating out, 2% for traveling, 1% everywhere else, including at Costco
  • No Annual Fee with my paid Costco Membership
  • The flexibility to pay charges over time
  • No Limit on the Cash Back Earned

To get the $25 Cash Card, the member needs to sign-up on the True Earnings Card sign-up page and enter this  unique ID:3071358967. Please keep in mind that this offer expires on October 14, 2007.

If you’re not a Costco Member yet, you can still take advantage of this offer by signing up on a Costco membership first and then go to the True Earnings Card. Consider this as a $25 discount on the $50 Gold Star membership.

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  3. anthoula makrinos

    have an american exrpess card. how can i get a new free costco/american express one? what can you offer me besides the cash back?


  4. My husband has a costco membership provided by his employer, I need my own membership to purchase with my benefits card . Im intrested in knowing if there is a possibility i can save on the fee since my spouse already has a membership ????

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