Looking for Costco Free Trial Membership, Temporary, Guest, or One Day Pass

In Costco’s 2013 Annual report, the company reported a total of 71 million cardholders with 39 million of them counted as paying cardholders. The company’s membership has been growing consistently as a testament to the great prices and excellent customer service and return policy.

One area where Costco’s popularity can be seen is how potential members have been searching the internet. One of the most searched items related to Costco memberships is for free trial  or one day temporary guest pass.

Costco free trial membership or one day temporary guest pass were offered back in the days. With Costco’s growing popularity, these offers have come less as the years pass by. In addition, these trial memberships were greatly abused by some consumers as they just use them over and over without actually buying the memberships.

My advice is to STOP WASTING YOUR TIME trying to find a free one day trial membership or temporary guest pass because nowadays, you will rarely find one and if you do, not all Costco warehouse stores participates. This could be a per store promotion only. My best bet is to call your local stores and ask if they offer one if you insist on trying to get one.


Here is a known fact but being completely ignored by potential members: Costco has been offering a better membership trial for years and all you have to do is to ACT NOW!

How is this possible? Costco offers a risk free membership that allows you to purchase your  membership now and  if you are not happy with it, you can get a full refund at anytime before your first anniversary date. Costco is very lenient with giving out refunds because all they want is your total satisfaction so they always stand behind their risk free membership policy and they are not going to make you jump through hoops. However, please keep in mind that if you have a history of asking for a membership refund every year, then that’s a different story. Costco will figure out that you are just gaming the system to get free membership every year.

So you  are actually getting a better deal – one year free trial membership instead of just one day. This will give you a chance to shop for a year and experience the tremendous savings at Costco!

So again, I just want to repeat myself to stop wasting time and just purchase the Gold Star membership NOW and just ask for a refund later if you are not satisfied with the membership!!

6 thoughts on “Looking for Costco Free Trial Membership, Temporary, Guest, or One Day Pass”

  1. Totally agree with the article. People who are looking for free trial membership are just wasting their time. The $55 Gold Star membership is well worth it for me with my gasoline purchase. I save $180 annually just with gas alone!

  2. Come on Costco, please bring the free trial membership back and let us peruse the store. I do not know anybody who has a Costco membership so I can’t go in and check the prices. Please, please, pretty please!

  3. Costcos prices are not always the lowest. Sometines other stores like target and walmart are. Also, Costcos items are very limited and this is understandable.

  4. Risk free 100% return policy on membership is very appealing. But for some people, it still really hard to pay that upfront let alone try the $110 executive membership fee. But for me I much rather pay the $55 and shop at Costco rather than go to Walmart. Some walmart stores are really filthy and unorganized and maybe this is due to the type of people that shop there and the poor employee compensation the store provides. No offense to the store but they really need to keep it clean and pay their employees a little better.

  5. Nancy,
    As stated in the article, Costco has a 100% risk free membership. You can sign up for the $55 gold card, use it for a year and if this does not work for you ask for a refund before your membership expires during your first year.
    In essence, you have a one year free-trial membership by virtue of a full refund!

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