Kirkland Signature Green Tea Bags

We love drinking tea and we drink it at least three times daily – usually as part of our meal. We no longer drink sodas and seldom drink coffee. Our preferred beverages even when we eat at restaurants are tea and water.

It takes a while to get used to the bitter taste but with all the health benefits that green tea provides, we were able to adapt to it. Research shows that green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and provides tons of health benefits to the human body. Among them are: weight loss, cancer prevention, dementia, cardiovascular disease,  parkinson’s disease, etc. In some studies, it may prevent hair loss and prostate cancer for men.

When Costco started selling green tea, we were so happy as now we can save a lot of money on this. Kirkland green tea was exclusively produced by Ito En for Costco.

Qty: 100 per box

Description: Kirkland Signature Green Tea is made with Sencha Green Tea from Japan’s lush tea plantations known for producing some of the best teas in the world. In keeping with Japanese tradition, Kirkland signature Green Teas is gently steamed, rolled and then dried. This minimal processing stops the oxidation and preserves the freshness, aroma and color of the tea.

Our Review

We like the added matcha as it really enhances the flavor. The color is really green and not yellow like some other green tea products. The taste is good and refreshing especially when it is served hot. At this price, this is one of the better teas available and we will continue to purchase this at Costco. There are better teas out there but are much more expensive. This one fits our budget perfectly since both of us drink teas a lot.