How To Get Your Bills Paid Just By Watching Ads

If you are a sports, video games, music, or movie enthusiast, then this is one way to cut down on some of your entertainment expenses! I have cut back on my entertainment expense by minimizing the number of trips to the movie theater – we normally wait until the movies come out in the DVD and rents them. Well I may have found a way to save even more on those rentals because of this online company.!!

A few months ago, I ran into a website that promotes “earn cash or shares of stock while surfing the internet” and the members are free to join. Now, here is another company that promotes the same concept of “paying you for doing what you are already doing “- watching commercials. Well, they don’t pay you cash directly but instead they reward you by paying your monthly subscription fees from companies like Gamefly, Major League Baseball (MLB.TV), National Basketball Association (NBA.TV), Napster and in the future, ¬†Blockbuster Movie Rental. Ford, NBC Universal, and US Airways and 27 other advertisers have also shown interest in testing this company out. This online company also offers membership for FREE.

This Arizona based company is called Bright Spot, which started in October of 2006, and they offer to cover your monthly subscription fees just by watching a 20-minute video commercials and providing feedback afterwards. You normally see the newest, funniest and entertaining commercials mostly during Superbowl, but with Bright Spot, I guess, you don’t have to wait for this football game. In addition, you’ll actually view commercials that match your interest and best of all, at your own time. Overtime, the company learns about your likes and dislikes and supply you with commercials that are matched to your interest. The company will credit your Bright Spot account after you watch each spot and apply your credit to your subscriptions.

With companies like NBA.TV, MLB.TV, and Gamefly signing up, it seems that Brightspot’s target market segments are 18 to 35-year-old males since those advertisers are somewhat related to sports and videogames entertainments. But with the future entry of Blockbuster and hopefully other big name advertisers, this market segment will surely expand.

Source: Business 2.0 Magazine May 2007 edition.

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  1. Interesting tip! Although I’m way too busy to even be able to stop and smell the commercials, I think this is an interesting concept. Plus if the commercials are interesting, why not….?

    Just a question — you’re not Binary Dollar are you? He’s Fil-Am too. I’m pinoy but grew up in the PI then moved….

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  3. Hi Silicon Valley Blogger (The Digerati Life). Just to answer your question, nope, I’m not Binary Dollar. But it’s good to know that there are some fellow Filipino personal finance blogger. Anyways, just like you I grew up in the PI then moved here…
    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

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