How To Become A Member of Costco:4 Ways To Sign-Up or Join

We’ve been discussing the various benefits of Costco memberships and the various savings that you  can get. So the big question is how do you join Costco or how do you become a member?

The rules are quite different now since anybody can be a member. Back in the days when I joined i 1995, the membership are limited to select individuals. The store was still called Price Club in my area and the memberships were available to certain groups (like members of the Chamber of Commerce, federal employees, credit unions, etc.). There have been so many changes and this all because of competition from other warehouse stores, I would assumed.

So if you are interested in becoming a member, here are the 4 ways that you can sign up for a Costco membership:

1. Buy a Costco Membership at the Store In Person

You can buy a Costco membership at the store in person and ask for their customer service. The section is usually closer to the entrance. If you are not sure, you can always ask the sales clerk on where to sign-up for membership. There are three types of Costco Membership that you can sign-up for with the cheapest at $55 and the most expensive at $110.  Your membership will be issued immediately when you apply in person and you can shop immediately as well!

2. Apply Online at

You can go online at and apply for a Costco Membership there by adding it to your shopping cart if you are shopping for the first time. Your membership card will be mailed to you within 7-10 days but you can actually shop at the online store immediately. As mentioned before, you do not have to be a costco member to shop at but you will need to pay a 5% surcharge for doing so. You can also renew your memberships online and pay for your purchases and membership together.

3. Mail A Membership Application

You can call the customer service center at 1-800-774-2678 to fax or mail you an application. The application can be brought to the Costco stores in person or you can mail it at this address:

Costco Membership
P.O. Box 34535
Seattle, WA 98124-1088

You will receive your membership card within 7-10 days in the mail.

4. Ask for A Gift Certificate From Friends And Relatives

Holiday is coming up so you can actually ask your friend or relatives to give you a membership gift certificate from Costco. If they are going to give you a gift anyways, it does not hurt to give recommendations on what you want for Christmas, your birthday or anniversaries. This is what we gave to our co-worker when her birthday came up. All of us pooled together some money and gave her a package worth a $105 – $50 for the Costco gift Certificate and another $55 for the Costco cash card. She’s been wanting to shop at Costco and become a member at that time so giving her the Costco membership gift certificate was the perfect gift. It also made our life easier since we do not have to think what we have to give her because we know that this is what she wanted. See, sometimes it does not hurt to just ask and remind them of what you really want as a gift as you’ll never know that they may just do that.

So those are your choices to join or sign-up if you want to become a member of Costco Warehouse.

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    1. Costco members are allowed to add one member of household on their card. If you live in the same household as your daughter then she can add you as an additional cardmember assuming that she is the only one who has a Costco card. I don’t think there is such thing as joining as a guest with her. However, Costco members are allowed to bring guest with them and allow the guest to purchase at Costco as well. But I think you are limited to paying just with cash.

  1. Frank and Janet Fiedler

    we are trying to find a way to apply for a job in sarasota florida at the new Costco openning in the old Dillards store. Can u point us in the right direction to receive an application or fill out an application for a job on line at the real Costco

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