Get Up to 35% Discount on Regal, United Artist, Edwards, and Hollywood Movie Theaters

If you are into movies and you like watching them in the theaters, we have some good news for you!

Costco is selling a pair of Regal Entertainment gift certificate for only $16.99 ($8.50 each). That’s a discount of up to 35%  depending on the time that you will be watching. Usually, you can maximize the savings if you watch this at night/evening or prime time!

The gift certificates can also be purchased online but they come in bulk. You have to purchase them by 10 items for $169.99 plus shipping and handling.

regal movie gift cert 4

4 Things I like About the Gift Certificate

1. No Expiration Date

The gift certificate does not expire so you can purchase a lot of this especially during the summer where there are a lot of blockbuster movies.

2. Wide Selection of Theaters

The gift certificate is valid at all Regal Cinemas, Edwards Theatres, United Artist and Hollywood Theaters. We are talking about over 570 theatre locations encompassing 42 states!

3. Can be used at anytime

The gift certificate can be used at anytime and this is perfect when you are watching at night or prime time where the prices are usually around $11 to $14 depending on your area.

However, please keep in mind that  although you can use the gift certificate at anytime, you may want to check the prices first before you use this. Sometimes theaters have a very good promotion going on and you might want to save this instead and use it on another day. For example, the Edwards Cinema has a $6 Tuesday promotion going on in my area. So when we hand out the gift certificate to the cashier, she told us that we will be better off just paying for it since it is cheaper. So we ended up saving the ticket.

To this day, we have not purchase the ticket from Costco anymore as we decided to watch every Tuesday whenever there are blockbuster movies that are currently showing. However, we can always go back to this gift certificate if Edwards Cinemas decided to discontinue the $6 Tuesday special.

4. Gift Certificate Qualifies as a Purchase for your Cinema Rewards

Just because it’s a gift certificate, that does not mean that it would not qualify for the cinema rewards. It does. In fact, I did not know about it but the cashier had asked for my rewards card. If you think about it, you paid for this but only in another form so it does qualify for the rewards. The credit is not the same as it is usually based on the value of the ticket. In this case, the perceived value of the ticket is $8.50 so you will get 8 or 9 credits for that.

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