Frugal College Tips

School is back and for college students, this means homework, projects, term papers, and exams. On the financial side, tuition fees have gone up every year thus putting a major dent in a lot of family’s finances. Knowing how to be frugal can really help alleviate some of the cost of school and also not getting into a major debt when you graduate.

Below are some of the tips that college students can use:

Minimizing Credit Card Use – For college students, credit card offers are everywhere. There is probably an application waiting for you right when you walk out of the library or bookstore. Some gets bombarded with credit card offers in the mail. Parents or college students should pick a credit card with low interest rates to use with a set maximum so that students can use this and use it in case of an emergency. It is very easy to fall into a credit trap while in college so parents should counsel their kids.

Shop Around for textbooks Рfor a college students, books can be really expensive. Freshmen spend an average of $900 on books. Unfortunately, the university bookstore is where they sell the most expensive textbooks. Nowadays, there are a lot of  ways that you can save money on textbooks.

Consider living in the vicinity apartments – The school’s dorm could be very expensive for some students. There are a lot of apartments around most universities. Most of them have shuttle service to school. Some student consider living with a roommate to save even more. A popular housing search website that students use besides the apartment advertising in school is

Work part-time – preferably in school so that you don’t have to go far. Student could always use the extra income.

Search for scholarships – there are a lot of available scholarships out there. Scholarships from an ethnic group, achievements, selected major, etc. A lot of students did not know that they probably qualify for some of them.

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