Deals From Furniture Store Closing Sale

Our sofa set is already worn and ready to go so we decided to throw it  away and buy a new one. My husband and I went shopping and as usual, we always start at Ikea. Although Ikea has a good selection of sofa we did not find something that we like for the right price. My husband suggested to go to stores that specialize more on sofa or bed set.

So went to Cerritos shopping complex across the Los Cerritos Mall to look for furnitures. Lo and behold, there are four furniture stores in one complex! Two of them are closing so we decided to focus on those since one way to save money is to find good deals on stores that are already closing. We went in to EasyLife furniture first since it is a known store.

We live in an apartment so we were planning on just buying one loveseat since our budget is only around $400. We found a good one that cost around $350 and $499. Because the store was closing, most of the prices are slashed at least 30%!

After making the tour of the store, we found a set (sofa, loveseat, and a chair)  – Parker by Global – for just $499. The MSRP for this is $999 but it is being sold at $749 online and at the store. However, the marked sale price was initially at $599 but it was lowered to $499. parkersofalovechairThis is a black leather that would be perfect in our apartment since the office chair and ottomans are both made in black leather.

So instead of buying just one seat for our budget, we were able to purchase a 3-set sofa that ended perfect for what we already have.

While store closing sale offers good deals, the only draw back is that this is a no return/no exchange policy. Of course, if the store is already close, where are you going to return your items!

So for all you frugal readers, please share your experiences with store closing sale.

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