Looking for Costco Tire Coupons?

On our previous post, we talked about why I buy costco tires and a few tips on how to prolong the tire’s life by doing the five simple tips.  I think it is essential that you save money when you purchase the tires but it is even more essential if you can extend the life of the tires for maximum savings. Well, speaking of savings, let us show you how you can save even more when shopping tires buy taking advantage of the following Costco tire coupons.

The one thing that I noticed on the coupons available for various tire brands at Costco is that they seem to be offered on an alternate basis. It appears that a tire coupon is available every four months for a particular brand but coupons are not offered at the same time. As an example, the coupon for Bridgestone was available before from July 14, 2011 thru August 7, 2011. The next coupon was offered at November 10, 2011 thru November 27, 2011.

Michelin Tires – Costco Tires Coupons

Michelin tires are usually the most expensive among the brands sold at Costco. Costco tire coupons for Michelin tires is the most common coupon offered at the tire Centers.

Currently, it is worth $70 when you purchase a set of four tires at Costco tire centers. There is no limit on the use of the coupon so if you need to buy another set of 4 tires for your second car, you can use and apply the coupon on that second car as well.

Please note that not all sizes are offered at the Costco. In addition, it is also not available at Manhattan or Rego Park, New York locations and wheels are not included.

This coupon is good from October 13, 2011 thru November 6, 2011. (As you can see, this one expired already). The coupon can also be used when you purchase tires at  Costco.com

BF Goodrich Tires – Costco Tire Instant Manufacturer Rebate

Costco usually do not have coupons for BF Goodrich tires. However, from time to time, and usually when Michelin or Bridgestones tire coupons are offered as well, Costco provides instant manufacturer’s rebate of $10 per BF Goodrich tires.

In my case, I usually settle for BF Goodrich tires since even without the coupons, these tires are much cheaper than Michelin. However, I usually wait until the instant manufacturer’s rebate also come out to get an extra $40 savings on a set of four tires.

Bridgestone Tires – Costco Tire Coupons

Costco also offers $70 coupons from time to time and it is good when you purchase 4 Bridgestone Tires. The most recent coupon was issued on November 10, 2011 thru November 27, 2011.  This coupon comes with an extra $30 off towards the installation of a set of four tires. The installation usually cost around $56 for all four tires and cost only $26 with the help of this Costco tire coupons.

Coupon used is also not available at Manhattan, New Rochelle or Rego Park, New York locations.

When this brand coupon is available, I usually settle for this if the BF Goodrich brand and discount is not available. Luckily, I always taken advantage of the discounts whenever I purchase tires.

Velox Wheels

Also available is a coupon for Velox wheels  for $150. This is good when you purchase 4 wheels.

Stay tuned for more Costco tire coupons as we will update this post when we receive new ones.

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