Costco Michelin $70 Tire Coupon & $60 Extra Executive Member Discount

The tires on my 1997 Toyota Camry are already balding and it is that time for me to purchase new tires. I usually purchase Bridgestone brands instead of Michelin because it is much cheaper. So when the $60 Bridgestone tires coupon came out last month, I was so happy because of the right timing. The coupon was good from August 3 to 31, 2015.

Unfortunately, the tire size that I used to purchased is no longer available at Costco. They only carry those size under the Michelin tires. So I have to wait for the Michelin coupon to come out. Fortunately, Michelin coupons came out effective from August 31, 2015 to September 30, 2015. However, the coupon amount was reduced to $70 when you buy a set of four tires.


$60 Additional Discount for Executive Members 

On September 9, 2015, I received an e-mail from Costco with a message that they are offering additional discount worth $60, which covers the tire installation. This is in addition to the $70 discount if you purchase a set of four Michelin tires. Thus, I can have a total of $130 discount!

However, the $60 discount (or $15 per tire) is only offered to Executive Members exclusively so Gold Members are out of luck. Wow, talk about getting more bang for your money and that is why it is so worth it to have the Executive Membership – the two percent (2%) annual rebate and discounts like these pretty much pays for the $110 I was paying for the membership cost! So for these year, my membership fee is actually cheaper (reduced to $50 now because of this special tire discount!) than the $55 Gold Membership.

The coupon is only good from September 9 to September 22, 2015 and you can only avail this if you purchase the tires online and use the coupon code that was given to you on the e-mail. In addition, you can only use the coupon once so do not share this to your friends or families unless you do not need to purchase your own set of tires. When you purchase online, you have to select the Costco location where you want them installed. As you go through the payment process, you can enter the coupon code before you make the payment. Because you are purchasing online, you are allowed to use Visa or MasterCard in addition to American Express.

I like buying my tires at Costco due to the following reasons:

  • For the life of the tires, I can get free balancing, inflation checks, and flat repairs
  • Costco tires have mileage, road hazard and manufacturer’s warranty
  • Costco offers nitrogen tire inflation and new rubber tire stems.

My car needs tire alignment but unfortunately, this is the service that Costco does not provide. So as soon as I bought my tires, I have to go to an outside mechanic to do the front wheel alignment. This usually cost around $150.

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