How to Save on Entertainment & Restaurant With Costco Gift Cards

Third party gift certificates or Costco gift cards – you have just got to love them!

One of the reasons I love being a member of Costco are these gift certificates from restaurants, movie theaters, sports, spa, chocolates and candies, etc. You can save as much as 20% or even more if you are planning on using this as gifts to other people.

But what I like about the most – Using it for your personal purchase!

That’s right, for your personal purchase.

If you are going to your favorite restaurant anyways, why not purchase the gift certificates at Costco (if they offer it) and then use it. That’s a big savings towards something that you are going to purchase anyways.

Here is a classic example. A couple of years ago, our family decided to treat my mom-in-law at Lucille’s BBQ restaurant on Mother’s day. There were at least ten of us and we expected to spend around $300 to $400. As it turns out, Costco offers Lucille’s BBQ gift certificate worth $100 and you can purchase it for only $79.99 – a 20% discount. I told my sister to stop by at Costco first before she goes to the restaurant and she bought four of them for a savings of $80. These savings covered the payment for the tips or taxes.

Other restaurants that sells gift certificate at Costco are Elephant Bar, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, California Pizza Kitchen, Jamba Juice, See’s Candies, Ruby’s Diner, AMC Theaters, etc. You can say that when we went on a date, we have a couple of these gift certificates ready to use – Starbucks (when they used to have it), AMC Theaters or Edwards Cinema, and Elephant Bar.

You see, this little savings can add up and next thing you know, the savings already pays for the membership at Costco! Thus, you can say that you have just gotten the Costco membership free – and earn even more!

So, if you are thinking of purchasing your favorite items or planning on dining on your favorite restaurant, check out the following gift certificates first and buy them!


$100 Gift Cards For Sale at $79.99

  • Lucille’s BBQ – Two (2) $50 Gift Cards
  • Dickey’s BBQ – Two (2) $50 Gift Cards
  • California Pizza Kitchen – Two (2) $50 Gift Cards
  • Elephant Bar’s Restaurant – Two (2) $50 Gift Cards
  • Bucca Di Beppo – Two (2) $50 Gift Cards
  • San Diego – Select Participating Restaurants -Two (2) $50 cards
  • Fleming’s Prime Rib – Two (2) $50 Gift Cards
  • Wolfgang Puck – Two (2) $50 Gift Cards
  • McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant – Two (2) $50 Gift Cards
  • Baja Fresh Restaurant – Four (4)  $25 Gift Cards
  • Peet’s Coffee and Tea – Five (5) $20 Gift Cards
  • Coffee, Bean and Tea Leaf- Four (4) $25 Gift Cards

$50 to $60 Gift Cards For Sale at $39.99

  • Ruby’ Restaurant – Two (2) $25 Gift Cards – $50 Value
  • Jamba Juice – Five (5) $10 Gift Cards – $50 Value
  • Cold Stone Ice Cream – Four (4) $15 Gift Cards – $60 Value

Movie Tickets

  • Regal Entertainment Group – Two (2) tickets @ $16.99, 10 @ $84.99
  • AMC Theatres – Two (2) tickets @ $16.99, 10 @ $84.99
  • Cinemark Theatres – Two (2) tickets @ $15.99, 10 @ $79.99

For additional gift cards sold, please visit the Gift Card & Tickets section. All prices subject to change without notice so please visit the official Costco website to ensure you have the correct value of the gift cards.

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