Why Start Your Career At Costco

If you want to start your career, you always want to start with an establish company. Costco is arguably one of the  best membership club in the United States, if not the world. It is a multi-billion dollar company that has expanded internationally and is  currently operating in eight different countries with three located in Asia (Japan, South Korea, & Taiwan), three in America (United States, Canada, and Mexico), Australia, and United Kingdom. Costco is not only very popular with consumers but also offers one of the best career opportunities for its employees. So why would you start your careers at Costco?

Top 100 Best Companies To Work For – Fortune Magazine

If you do not know it yet, Costco has been ranked in the Top 100 Best Companies to Work For by Fortune Magazine. As a matter of fact, it is ranked 28th in the year 2011 and 25th in the year 2010. The company thrives in providing a family and friendly atmosphere in which employees look for and helps them succeed. In addition, the company practices promoting from within. As a result, they have kept most of them employees who flourish from starting as a sales clerk, stockers, or cashiers to becoming the company’s lawyers, accountants, managers, and other career professionals.

So you can rest assured that once you start your careers at Costco at an entry level, there are multiple opportunities for you to move up for as long as you work hard and meet the minimum requirements for the position. I think when looking for a job, this is one of the factors that you should always consider: Potential for a rewarding career growth!

What Are You Looking For In A Career?

I’m sure you have a lot of pet peeves or requirements when looking for a job. So if you are looking of career or employment that provides the following:

  • Exciting and very rewarding career opportunities
  • Family atmosphere and great support job environment
  • Huge room for personal and career growth
  • Strong company with great stability
  • A workplace focused on ethics and obeying the law
  • Great employment benefits

Then starting your careers at Costco may be the right fit! See this link for available job at Costco.

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  1. Why mess with Costco in the first place? I shop wholesale for my household consumables. My membership cost me $29 11 years ago and I have spent $16CDN/$12US to renew it each year. Right now, in March 2012 you can get a 1-year membership for only $1.00 (yep, that’s ONE DOLLAR). And you get Free products for 5 months for shopping every month, plus loyalty dollars to spend on more free stuff every month thereafter. Plus discounts for shopping online at other stores – the benefits are endless. Not to mention that this is a totally ‘green’ store so you’re eliminating the toxins from your home, reducing toxic waste in the environment, and improving your family’s health and safety. Yeah, forget Costco!

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