Do You Know Anybody Like Ross of Friends?

I’m a big fan of the tv show “Friends” and I just never got tired of watching the re-runs.

Ces usually jokes around on how addicted I am because we already have the DVD and yet I’m still watching the shows on it’s regular programming slot.  I literally know what the character would say next on some of the episodes. Ces would laugh at me instead of the show since I still couldn’t stop laughing even though I already know the scenes.

One episode that I like and very appropriate to this fugal lifestyle blog is the episode where Ross and Chandler went on a vacation trip in Vermont. Well, it was supposed to be Chandler and Monica going but because of work, Monica could not go and Ross ended up going with Chandler.

Well, to make the story short, this is about Ross and what he does when he was staying in a hotel. Ross’ personality is unique because here is the guy who has a Phd and yet very frugal or should I say cheap.

In this episode, Ross felt that the hotel charged them an arm and a leg so in order to recoup their cost, they go through the extreme of taking some of the hotel room items. So Ross was showing Chandler what to take and what not to take from the hotel. He really wants to make the most of his money’s worth so they take some stuff that won’t be pretty obvious such as:

  • Take the salt but not the salt shaker
  • Take the batteries but not the remote control
  • Take the lightbulbs but not the lamp
  • Take all the small toiletries
  • Take as much as you can of the free stuff offered at the receptionist counter

In addition, Ross is also known for waiting until the last minute before he checks out of the hotel.

Yes, there is really a fine line between being frugal and being cheap!! Things that we learn from TV.

I know a couple of people that have gone to the extreme by taking the towels or even blankets or comforters. Well, for the blankets that are pretty obvious, the motel charges the person for taking that. You have to remember that they have your credit card number! –

Now, tell me do you or know someone who have done some crazy things like these. Be honest!!

2 thoughts on “Do You Know Anybody Like Ross of Friends?”

  1. Love that episode, Ross on maple candy overdrive and pine cones that lead to his downfall. I don’t know anyone like that but I have found a show on TLC called “extreme cheapskates” which features people that put Ross to shame. I’m all for being frugal, but taking advantage of every opportunity you get is just a bit too extreme for me.

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