Hi, our names are Ken and Ces and we started this blog to share our personal finance and lifestyles as a Filipino American (Fil-Am) couple.

Initially, this blog was created as an outlet to share our life experiences on how we were able to survive on a single income through frugal living. We employ various strategies such as shopping wholesale, using coupons,  searching for bargains and shopping during the holiday sale (like Black Friday). We have now transformed to focus our subjects to mostly our Costco Warehouse experience.

We have been members of Costco since 1995 and it’s obvious to say that we really like shopping at the store. Because of this, we’ll be sharing our shopping experience and tips. We are only members of Costco and are not getting compensated for the reviews we make here. These are our honest remarks/opinions about Costco so they actually are going either way! We post what we like and don’t like about the store and its products!

We hope that we can learn from each other through continuous interaction on this site.

Our Frugal Lifestyle

About  The Authors

Ces is a stay-at-home wife but blogs full-time. She handles the day to day operations of Filamwords.com and other online ventures. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management from DeVry University. She loves shopping at Costco, shopping during holiday sale at the outlet stores, and finding deals and bargains on any other day. She usually writes articles about frugal cooking, shopping, debt management, personal hobbies and family budgeting.

Ken holds a Master of Business Administration from California State University in Los Angeles. He started his passion with personal finance during his early twenties after working for an insurance company and getting expose to investments, retirement and concepts of achieving financial independence. He juggled going to school full time and working full time as a manager at a fast food restaurant. His first hand  experiences in the insurance sales and business management are what brought him to pursue degrees in accounting and finance. Currently, he is working as a finance manager in the healthcare industry. He usually writes articles about retirement, insurance, taxes, debt management, and other personal interest/hobbies.

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