$5,000 Scholarship For Minority Accounting Students

With the high cost of education here in United States, students should always try to find ways to help finance their education, whether in the forms of grants, scholarships, student loans, etc.

Of course, it is always nice to get grants and scholarships because you don’t have to pay those back. There are a lot of scholarships available out there and they are normally offered with various eligibility requirements related to athletics, music, being a minority,low-income, etc.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is the national professional organization for certified public accountants (CPA), with memberships of more than 331,000. The AICPA and its predecessors have a history dating back to 1887. The AICPA Scholarships for Minority Accounting Students provides competitive awards of up to $5,000 to outstanding full- time undergraduate minority students to:

  • Encourage minority men and women of high potential to attend college and major in accounting
  • Provide educational opportunities for minority men and women to prepare them to enter the accounting profession. and ultimately achieving the CPA designation.
  • Encourage hiring of minority men and women in order to integrate the accounting profession in fact as well as ideal.

Requirements. Undergraduate students must have completed at least 30 semester hours or equivalent of college work, with at least six hours in accounting. Applicants must have at least a 3.3 GPA.

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Minority Students – Defined. For purposes of this program, the AICPA defines minority students as those of Black, Native American, Pacific Island races, or of Hispanic ethnic origin. All applicants must be U.S. citizens. For more information, please visit the AICPA website.

Contacts For Filipino-Americans. The AICPA scholarship for Filipino accounting students is administered by the National Council of Philippine American Canadian Accountants (NCPACA), which is a non-profit professional organization represented by 11 accounting professional organizations from various major cities of USA and Canada whose memberships are mostly Filipino, American and Canadian accountants. Depending on where the student is located in the US, the student needs to contact the nearest Filipino Accounting Society on how to compete for this scholarships. Below are the 11 member chapters of the NCPACA:

20 thoughts on “$5,000 Scholarship For Minority Accounting Students”



    I am a graduate student of Accountancy at De La Salle University – Manila and currently writing my thesis about Earnings Management in the Philippines.

    Despite the lack of sufficient funds, I never lost hope. And now, with this blog entry, I am more determined to keep on raising funds to support my education.

    Thank you for this. It will be very useful for me to contact individuals and institutions who can help support my thesis.

  2. Thank you, too and I hope that the post really helps you with looking for funding. There are a lot of Filipino American Accountants here in the US that can probably help you if you ask them.



    I already wrote to these groups. Only one gave a response. But I think I will write to them again after I defend the proposal. I think it will pay a lot rather than just making inquiries without showing something.

    Thanks again.


    etings! i am john mark gianan, currently studying at Polytechnic University of the Phils., Manila, 2nd year college.. I love accountancy and i wanted to finish my studies and become a future CPA like the others but one thing hinders my goal which is in terms of finances, to buy books, uniform, and other expenses..i know that this org is helping filipinos who wanted to be CPAs someday and its a big privilege if that would happen…thnks

  5. jessa coritico

    i am a 3rd year accountancy student here at phil. any scholarship/financial assistance you could offer to students like me? thank you. i am hoping for a positive response. more powers!

  6. Jeamma Varry Tamayo

    Greetings! i am a current third year student in University of the East here in the Philippines. I enjoy learning subjects especially my major; Accounting Subjects, but like any other students, financial issue hinders me from achieving my dream, and that is to top the CPA board exam. A little scholarship program or assistance would really help me attain my goal. i am really looking forward for any of your response. thank you.. and may God always bless you.

  7. roldan campuso

    i really need some help, coz my parents want me to stop schooling due to severe financial crisis and that’s a really bad idea for me. i really want to continue pursuing my course, BS- Accountancy here at La Salle University- Ozamiz. Please give me some help, even an advice. I am so desperate today and it might be at worst if my parents force me to stop schooling.

  8. Francis Quintos

    could I apply for scholarship, despite than i had a first course which is nursing, I really want to take up accountancy. I know I could do great in this field. Thanks, I’ll be waiting for a reply .

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  17. Good day to everyone. I believe that GOD loves us and HE provides and gives us all we need. I am a nursing graduate but my first choice is accountancy. My parents pick the nursing course for me, i don’t have a choice because parents knows best so i graduated in nursing. Until now, i am still a volunteer in the hospital. Now, i want to study my first choice accountancy but i need financial support to took the course. Please help me how to become a scholar. Thank you and more power.

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