3 Types of Costco Membership

There are three kinds of Costco membership offered: the Gold Star, Executive, and the Business.

What’s good about the membership is that all Costco cards can be used WORLDWIDE and at Costco.com. So you may have membership here in United States and you can also use that if you go to Costco in  Japan,  Canada,  Taiwan,  Spain,  South Korea,  Mexico, Australia, Puerto Rico, or United Kingdom.

Gold Star Membership

The Gold Star cost is $55 annually and the card can be used for personal use purchases only and you can add a member of your household as an additional card holder

Business Membership

Cost is $55 annually and the card can be used for personal, business, or resale purchases. Business identification (business license, resale certificate, or three pieces of business ID) is required when applying for a Business Membership.

The card member can also add a member of his/her household as additional cardholder. In addition to this, Business members also may add up to six additional cardholders (add-ons) as Business Members to their membership at $55.00 each per year, which includes one household card per add-on.

Executive Membership

This is the highest type of Costco Membership offered at the warehouse club and this one cost $110 annually. The Executive Membership card can be used for personal, business use or resale purchases and you can also add a member of your household as an additional card holder.

The extra advantage of this is that Executive Members earn a 2% Annual Reward on most Costco purchases with a maximum cash back of $750. Moreover, you can receive additional benefits on other member services such as lower prices on check printing, payroll services and identity protection; an account bonus for money market and online investing accounts; free roadside assistance for vehicles covered through the auto insurance program; and extra travel benefits.

For additional information on the rewards program, please see the article Executive Membership 2% Rewards: Top consumer question.

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